This weeks Mixtape selector is Anna Mathur the very funny girl behind Mamas_scrapbook.  

Anna is a Mum, a psychotherapist writer, blogger and has a love for interior design. She also loves yoga, healthy eating, talking on Instagram, dancing round the room with her kids to rap & is a big supporter of small businesses.

We caught up with Anna and asked her music 'loves' and what she would put on her very own Mixtape. 

You can listen to all the tracks on her playlist back to back on the Disko Kids YouTube channel here.

Track 1 – Simon and Garfunkel -  59th Street Bridge Song

This album to me is the soundtrack to my childhood and brings back such happy memories. My Dad used to walk around the house singing it when he was feeling cheerful. When my sister fell ill with Cancer, the brightness of this song gave me hope that there could be happiness and a new kind of normal again one day. My brother and I used to giggle at the line ‘Hello lamppost, whatch’ya knowing, I’ve come to watch your flowers growing’. It seemed funny that the man would talk to the lamppost.


Track 2 - Shania Twain – That don’t impress me much

This song takes me back to entering teenagedom and dancing in circles at a friend’s birthday party. Those were awkward years where the body and limbs seemed to be growing so much faster than a childlike mind, but it was one of the first songs I knew all the words to!


Track 3 – Ryan Adams - Dancing when the stars go blue

A song I could listen to over and over. It makes me happy and sad and encourages me to sing out! It’s the original of a version sang in One Tree Hill, holding memories of University where about 8 of us would sit entangled on a single bed to catch up with the latest episode on someone’s desktop computer.


Track 4 – Empire of the Sun – Walking on a dream

It just holds memories of a brilliant summer. My last one with my family before getting married. My brother was on military service in the Army and so my future sister-in-law holidayed with us. We lay on the beach, sipping sangria and listening to this on repeat.

Track 5 – The Wanndies – You and me always

This is the song that we danced back down the aisle to after making our vows. It holds the memories of seeing the sea of all the happy faces of those we loved.


Track 6 – Pharrell Williams – Happy

This song came out just as I got a positive pregnancy test with my first baby. It was played multiple times daily on the radio and everyone was a little infatuated with it. Every time I heard it during those first months of pregnancy, it echoed my secret excitement and hearing it now whips me back to that joyful time.


What was the first record / CD  you ever bought?

It was the Boyzone album – A different beat. I learnt every single lyric and harboured a crush for Stephen Gately.

What was the first gig you went to? 

Oh gosh. Daniel O’Donnell. Don’t ask.

Party out or Kitchen Disco?

I’m going to be cheeky and answer this with something different - the party at a wedding reception! That is my utmost favourite time to dance and sing. I think it’s being surrounded by friends to celebrate something happy. If there’s a live band singing covers, or swing, I wouldn’t leave the dance floor for love nor money.

Thank you Anna for sharing your Mixtape xxx

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March 16, 2018

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