This weeks mixtape selector is the very lovely Lorna Hayward. She’s the brains behind Pizzup & ’The Mumblings’ blog - wife to Jamie (who DJ’s at all of her parties ) & Mum to the very entertaining Marnie & Elsie. She’s also one of the warmest ladies I’ve had the pleasure to meet through the squares of Instagram & I’m chuffed to bits to have her selections for another Mixtape. Its an epic selection including one of our favourite mixtape tracks ‘We are Family’ by Sister Sledge.

You can listen to Lorna's Mixtape on the Disko Kids YouTube channel.


What was the first record / CD  you ever bought? 

Shit. I kind of dread this question. Do the Bartman by Bart Simpson. *hangs head in shame

What was the first gig you went to? 

Shit. I kind of dread this question. Simply Red, in Birmingham with my whole family 'as a treat'. *hangs head in shame


Party out or Kitchen Disco?

Ah man - both! I love love love a good dance out, even more so in a big field at a festival. Equally, there's nothing quite like a kitchen disco these days. Kids in bed, free flowing tunes n’ booze and no kicking out time!

 Here's Lorna's ultimate choices & why they're on her Mixtape.

London Grammar - Strong 

This song does something to me. Every time. I played this on repeat whilst I was in labour during my first birth with Elsie. I remember it playing loudly in our flat whilst I was in the bath, in so much pain and Jamie washed my hair. My sister, Lou was there (acting as our Doula) and it was a long, latent, tough journey which ended in an emergency section. I've always struggled with my birth stories, and their subsequent endings so this song is bitter sweet. I love the words, the tone and her voice but it also conjures up sadness, and makes me weep a little.


Sister Sledge - We are Family

If I were to say what our family song is; it would be this. The girls know all the words, it calms most tantrums & backseat car bickering. For me, it’s the soundtrack to our little family.


 Nick Drake - Northern Sky

I used to listen to this song when I was pregnant with Elsie and watch her do some seriously epic kicking/elbow movements. I remember we were on our final 'solo' holiday in Portugal, being in the bath and Jamie had this playing super loud whilst I was in the bath and he was on the balcony. Magic moments for me and such a calm and peaceful song. If were to ever have another baby, I would definitely have this on my birthing playlist.


Jamie XX - Loud places

Ah man! This song does something to me too - they all do. But I could put this on in my kitchen whilst working from home, in the car whilst driving solo to Sainos, and I am automatically transported to a festival and blue skies, drink in hand, Jamie by side. My ultimate happy place. Such a hugely uplifting song for me.


Sophie Lloyd - Calling out your name

This is a fine example of Jamie consistently introducing me to new cracking music. I think it's a rarity that you find someone who shares such a passion for music, and not just old songs, one's that conjure up good times, and great memories - but discovering new music, watching new music and enjoying it together. This is one of his latest findings, and we've had it on in the car many a journey (attempting to drown out the mind numbing tones of Peppa pig/Charlie and Lola/frozen from the IPads in the back)


Roy Davis Jr - Gabriel

Most people who know me, or have even been to one of my PIZZUP nights will know I am a garage girl. It reminds me of good times, going out when I was younger, Ayia Napa and still draws me onto an empty dance floor with pretty much every old school classic. This track however delivers a little more classic garage than others, and never ever gets old.


George Michael - One more try

Alongside Stevie Wonder, I would have paid a LOT of money to watch this man live. I grew up on his music, and had all his albums on cassettes. It’s hard to choose a particular song as I could play ‘Faith’ at its very loudest and be in my happy musical place, however this track captures the awesome essence of his voice. What a ledge.


Jackie Wilson, Higher and Higher

There's always been a bit of a running joke about Jamie being like Peter pan, and never wanting to grow up. When we got married I walked down the aisle to one of the tracks from the film 'Finding Neverland' which is so so beautiful, and still makes me weep (Crikey, what doesn't!!)

BUT - the moment for me was walking out of the church, with everyone out of their seats, dancing, singing and clapping to Jackie Wilson - Your love lifts me higher. Bloody epic.


Stevie Wonder - Never dreamed you'd leave in summer

 Oh man - I could honestly say EVERY single Stevie Wonder song. He is, for me - the ultimate artist. I'm still holding on to a dream that one day I will see him live! His music is so emotive, but equally incredibly uplifting. That voice. Unbeatable. BUT this song - is just beautifully written, beautifully sung and one of my favourites.


M83 - Reunion

I'm a bit of a late night thinker - the one whose happy to stay up past the disco tunes have stopped, and given the chance sit listening to music late into the night/morning. If I were to put on an album that is the perfect accompaniment to that, it'd be this album...It also reminds me of my big brother, who shares also shares my love of late night music revelry!

The next PIZZUP is on 6th June - which will be FIZZUP


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March 23, 2018

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