This week on the blog we spoke to Susie Lodge who is the busy Mum behind Wiki Places For Kids. If you're looking for great places to visit with the kids over the holidays - then this the place to go to find them! Lots of useful ideas & recommendations all in one place.

 Tell us about Wiki Places For Kids - how did you start?

When I had my first child it was not a surprise that my career was going to clash majorly with my job as a Mummy. I knew I was going to struggle with being absent for most of the week and only seeing my babies once they were tucked up in bed. So I knew early on that the best way for me to strike the balance I needed was to build my own company and to get the control that I needed of my own time. I’ve never been work shy so I knew that wouldn’t be a problem and I knew I wanted to run a website business but I didn’t know what. Then on Mat leave with Matilda it came to me, when searching for things to do online I felt the information out there was overwhelming vast  but underwhelming in terms of user experience.  It dawned on me that we parents and carers needed a trip advisor for parents looking for things to do with the kids a something to cut out the noise and give a shortlist of the best - and given my experience in the industry I thought, sod it why not I’ll give it a shot. I started designing and architecting in 2016  (initially called with a soft launch in October and began marketing properly from February 2017. Since then I’ve had to juggle my business with my paid job (and my not so small role as COO of my family) so my speed of growth is not what I’d hoped however forward is still forward. I have huge ambitions for 2018 and hope to be fully established and 100% focussed on the one business by 2019!  

Do you have any kids?

I have a Tasmanian devil called Jacob who’s 4.5 and a cheeky princess called Matilda 2.5 

How do you fit your work around your kids?

I still have a full time job to keep the money coming in while I build Wiki up so around that and the family I have to steal every waking moment possible. (I’ve tapped parts of this out on the loo 😳) - I attend events and courses in the evenings, work for an hour or so on the other evenings and spend Friday to Sunday going to Wiki places with the kids too so it’s a good way of blending both!  

Where do you find inspiration?

From all the other mama businesss around me, seeing people managing in the same boat, and holding solid in my mind the potential of what Wiki could become. I see Not on the Highstreet as a brilliant example of women being incredible in the online space. 

What did you do before you started Wiki Places for kids ?

I’ve been a digital programme director for years working in digital ad agencies running teams for big brands. I’m currently the head of delivery for an agency in Buckinghamshire.  

Any other independent brands you’d like to spread the word about?

I’ve recently discovered Stib - amazing kids chunky pencils with inspiration phrases and beautiful colours. I also love the Squidgy doodle kids craft boxes. And I’m a huge fan of Keep Em Quiet - travel packs to keep the little ones quiet on trips of varying lengths!! 

What kind of music do you listen to?

I’m a pop queen! Not necessarily the new stuff but I’m defo a mainstream type. I love One D and Little Mix and Bruno Mars as much as I love ABBA, and Elton. But my big faves are from the foo fighters and Kings of Leon (girl crush!!) 

Have your kids inherited your music taste?

Jacobs favourite song ever is “I’m still standing!!” But he’s also taken on the odd one or two from his dad - ACDCs Back in Black   “ Nine Lives!! Cats EYES!” 😂

Party out or party at home - Discuss

Both!! But at the moment it’s usually a kitchen disco!!

What’s next for Wikimama

National domination!! Lol! In all seriousness the goal is to reach as many parents in the UK as possible and to become the go to site for people looking for parent recommended places to go! It’s all out there, I just need to go make it happen!!

You can find out more on the Wiki Places For Kids

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April 03, 2018

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