DJ Nikki Beatnik is this weeks selector with her 10 tracks for her Mixtape. For those who don't know Nikki - she is the tour DJ for Kelis and co-produces under the name Beatnik with her brother Statis. She has played many a club and festival Lovebox, Bestival, Pukklepop, Isle of Wight Fest, VFest & we're super pleased she found the time in her busy schedule to share her 10 chosen tracks for her Mixtape! She got us with her 1st choice Colonel Abrahms- Trapped! ❤️

You can listen to the whole mixtape back to back on our Youtube channel here 


What was the first record / CD  you ever bought?

I think it was Michael Jackson Thriller, but its so long ago. I still have that record though. I remember I used to play my parents and grandparents vinyls on a record player when I was about 4 or 5, maybe younger.. involving Boney M, some Disco & Johhny Cash.  

What was the first gig you went to?

 I remember going to see Eurythmics when I was quite young and getting to go backstage at Wembley to meet Dave Stewart and Daryl Hall, who were cool guys. I was pissed I didn't meet Annie. I played at Wembley arena a few times after that.  


Party out or Kitchen Disco?

 Ive been a DJ a long time so clubs and parties are my natural habitat. SO I choose Party Out. Although my husband says that I turn everything into 'Twice as Nice' meaning any party I throw turns out bigger than I planned with loud music, even if its at home in the kitchen. I threw our son a Baby Rave for his second Birthday and about 50 people turned up. 

Talk us through your mixtape -  What’s each track / artist  and why its on your Mixtape?

Track 1 Colonel Abrams - 'Trapped' 

Possibly the greatest club record ever made. Absolute perfection. I was a huge Colonel Abrams fan. Another great tune by him is 'I'm Not Gonna Let' I also loved his style. 


Track 2 Derrick May - 'Strings Of Life' 

This is a seminal record in the history of dance music. I remember hearing it as a kid and it having a big effect on me. I started DJing not long after. 


Track 3 Migos 'T Shirt' 

I am a big Migos fan. I have played Hip hop for 30 years + and I love all era's. I love how these guys are bringing out tune after tune right now and I cant stay still to this record. Massive tune. 

Track 4 Beenieman 'Romie' 

I am a big dancehall fan, I love 90's dancehall up to current stuff. I was DJing a party for Puffy once where Beenieman came and he jumped on the mic in the booth. He is so super talented and has made so many good records. 


Track 5 Janet Jackson - 'Thats the Way Love Goes' 

Who doesn't love Janet !! She is epic. Rhythm Nation was a moment for me, the fashion, the choreography, the songs- it was sheer brilliance. So I had to pick a Janet record. I just saw her at Essence Event for The Grammy's this year presenting Missy Elliot with an award and it reminded me how much I love her. 


Track 6 Too $hort - Blow The Whistle 

 I love this record so much, Kelis and I played a festival show with Too Short last year and he was so sweet. Its hard to pick favourite hip hop or house records as I have so many from all my years of DJing and I love so many songs and artists. Ive been ruthless and picked a good un within the mixtape concept...


Track 7  Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl 

Absolute FIRE record. So Epic. 


Track 8  Yo Gotti Rake It Up 

This is another recent hip hop track I love. Its so fun! 


Track 9 Beatnik Remix Nick & Navi Love Dealer 

 A dope Drum & Bass remix we just did for LA super sibling sister group Nick & Navi.


Track 10 Robert Palmer 'I Didnt mean To Turn You On' 

Loved Robert Palmer and love this record. 

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April 13, 2018

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