Sally Webb has worked in the museum industry for about 10 years. Alongside taking some time off to look after her two children she set up 'Milk at the Museum'.  The idea being she shares lots of ace knowledge on what museums have to offer for families. From events/exhibitions to the shop & facilities. She also chats to many fans of museums on her page too.

Tell us a bit about Milk at the Museum – what made you want to start up?
I worked for the Imperial War Museum for 10 years and when I had my kids it turned out, due to childcare costs, I couldn’t go back. The days at home were long and I really wanted to find something just for me. I had been on Instagram a while and it suddenly dawned on me its potential in getting information out there. I noticed that there was not one place you could go to find out all the family friendly activities going on in Museums and that’s where Milk at the Museum began.

What keeps you sharing/blogging? Where do you find new inspiration for museum visits?
There have been a number of times I have thought about packing it all in as it takes a lot of time and effort with no financial gain but the support and feedback I have received has been incredible and it is that, that stop me every time. Doing my Instagram What’s on and This weekend keeps me massively in the loop with all things Museum and the London museums are just fantastic for family events so there is always something going on, from new exhibitions to family raves, to festivals, not a weekend goes by where I am stuck for things to write about.

Do you think it’s important to be honest about parenting on Instagram? Discuss
Absolutely, don’t get me wrong my images probably steer towards the more positive side of things as generally that’s what I like to see but the stories give a great platform to share your woes and with two under 3 I have a few. I do sometimes wonder if people think I am sugar coating museums with two small ones but I genuinely find them an easier place to be with kids. Museums have become so family friendly with play areas, interactive exhibits, buggy parks, cafes and generally brilliant toilet facilities I find a day at a museum a lot easier than some other family events.

What do you find most challenging about Instagram?
Having the time to do it, I am constantly battling with the guilt I feel for being on my phone way too much in front of the kids. I find the pressure of having to be putting up stories, uploading pics every day quite tiring and a day at a museum can become a bit of a task what with having to get the perfect pic/footage etc. It also never stops, you have to be on the constant look out for inspiration. I guess I enjoy that part of it too though.

How many museums have you visited?
Ah wow that’s a tough one. I would say 50 possibly more, if I think of those I have been to in other countries as well including art galleries. Massive museum geek ;-) Obviously Milk at the Museum has inspired me to go to more too.

Do you have kids? How do you manage blogging around family life?
I have a 1 year old Tom and 3 year old, Ivy. I am a stay at home mum, doing a bit of work from home, but the kids are mostly around so it can be quite a challenge trying to keep on top of it all. I try to do most of it in the evenings or nap time/nursery if I can.

What music do you listen to? Have your kids inherited your music taste?
I absolutely love 90’s garage, R&B and hip hop so Kisstory is a firm favourite in our house…think the kids like it, Ivy seems to like dancing to it in the kitchen with me, Dr Dre is a particular favourite!

Party out or party at home – Discuss!!
Ha ooooo this is a toughie, I won a party animal of the year award at Uni but times have changed and I seem to be battered by 6pm. I try to go out and really let my hair down every few months as I think it’s important not to lose yourself with kids but generally after a nice hot cuppa I am in bed by 9pm!! I know how to live!

Any exciting future plans to share?
I am constantly having pipe dreams and my current one is to write a family friendly London museum guide! It would be bright and cheery, colour coded, easy to read (for mums that don’t have time for small print) and child friendly too. Any publishers out there???

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March 04, 2018

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