Founded by mama-of-two Danni, Mama Tribe is a community created with mama's in mind, aiming to connect mothers across the country with each other and offer support in all aspects of life, motherhood and business. With a wealth of knowledge about small businesses and an understanding of the importance of a community, Danni now has a team of contributors behind her, working together in order to empower and support mama's who don't believe in making sacrifices.

We caught up with Danni to find out where she finds her inspiration and what Mama Tribe is really all about.

Tell us about Mama Tribe - how did you start? 

I launched Mama Tribe on 8th March 2017, International Women’s Day. Mama Tribe is a curated brand and network directory, we are gathering a tribe of Mamas across the UK, that can work together and support each other. On the website you can find independent brands and businesses set up by Women or for Women. As a community we can promote each other and collaborate. There are also features posted weekly by a team of contributors offering business advice and lifestyle inspiration. We are in the process of organizing POW WOW’S and collaborative events that will be held across the UK for the Mama Tribe, focusing on business networking and fun social events for Mamas. 

Do you have any kids?

Yes, we’re lucky to have two little boys. Our eldest is called Monroe, he’s 7 and I found out I was pregnant with him just a few days before starting IVF. Then four years later, after three rounds of IVF, I managed to get pregnant with our second little miracle boy Lorne, who is now 2. 

How do you fit your work around your kids?

ITS HECTIC! Our eldest is in school and our youngest is in nursery on a Monday and Thursday. So I have two full days to devote to Mama Tribe, but the rest of the time, I’m fitting in a bit of work whilst my toddler watches Paw Patrol, or in the evening once the boys are in bed. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m constantly inspired by different people in business. I try to read and gather information from any source whenever I can, whether in print, online or simply talking and learning from others. My husband has taught me a lot and so did my Grandad, they have both been a huge inspiration to me as I’ve set up my own businesses. 

What did you do before starting Mama Tribe?

I used to work in the fitness industry in sales, marketing and then management. After having my first son I set up my own retail business, a bridal boutique, but there was a fire in the flat above and I lost my business. So I then started working freelance helping startups with branding and marketing. That’s when the idea for Mama Tribe started to develop. 

Any independent brands you’d like to spread the word about?

I support so many amazing independent brands, so I can’t single one out, but take a look through Mama Tribe to discover lots of new brands.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I like all sorts! We listen to everything in our house from cheesy pop to rock with a bit of country thrown in to the mix. 

Have your kids inherited your music taste?

Not really haha! They seem to be following my husbands love for rock & metal! 

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

I definitely love to party out, but we’ve also thrown some fab parties over the years at home.

What’s next for Mama Tribe?

There are so many things in the pipeline and opportunities. The enthusiasm I’m receiving from everyone is amazing. There are lots of things being planned, and so many opportunities, so exciting times ahead. 

You can keep up-to-date with Mama Tribe at the following links:

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

August 08, 2017

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