After following her childhood dream of becoming a nurse and having children of her own, Karen aka The Style Nurse is now an expert in all things fashion and style, with an up-and-coming personal styling business and an Instagram which is over eight thousand people's go-to for style inspiration. 

We caught up with her for a chat about what inspires her, where The Style Nurse came from and who we should be keeping a fashion-eye on over on Instagram...

Tell us about how you started - how did you get to where you are now?

I have always had a lifelong passion with fashion, but strangely never really thought of it as a career option, which seems so silly now. I always wanted to be a nurse growing up so I naturally followed that path when I left school. The, when I was on maternity leave with my eldest (now 11) I had an urge to explore something new, so I did a course at the London College of Fashion during my time off work. But with no clear plan and no social media platforms around then, I completed the course and returned to work - reluctantly!! Fast forward 10 years, a new found love of Instagram and turning 40, and I decided to retrain as a stylist and made the brave decision to leave the NHS and go for it...The Style Nurse was born!

Who's style are you currently loving?

I've always a bit of a boho kind of girl, so Kate Moss and Sienna Miller always get it right for me. I love a contrast and the simplicity of an understated look. I think Victoria Beckham has really evolved into a modern style icon - I love how effortlessly chic she always looks. SJP will always have a special place in my heart, too.

Who were your fashion heroes when you were a kid?

I was a really big Madonna fan growing up and loved how she constantly reinvented herself, some looks clearly better than others! I was also a big fan of the 90s supermodel brigade - Naomi, Christy et al - I would watch The Clothes Show religiously every Sunday.

Do you have kids?

Yes, I have 2 girls - Saoirse who's 11 and Aobha who's 9.

Have your kids followed in your fashion footsteps? What is fashionable to them?

They are starting to! I seem to have less input/control over what they want to wear these days! They both have very different and individual kind of style which I think is fab, the younger one is more girly and more into the whole fashion but Saoirse is definitely getting more involved now as she is getting older. They both love Zara and H&M.

Who are you loving on Instagram at the moment?

I've been a bit fan of Julia Sarinana from Sincerely Jules for quite a long time, she is just so cool. I follow a lot of French bloggers - they just have 'it'! I particularly love The Working Girl and The Babooshka. A bit closer to home, I love style of Emma Hill, so simple but always so right. Laura Fantaccci and Emma Rose Style (A Style Album) are also great ones to follow. Wearsmymoney always makes me laugh and always looks great too.

What music do you listen to? Have your kids inherited your music taste?

We always have the radio on in the house as we all really love music. I love to have it on in the background whatever i'm doing. I find that they are starting to influence my music choices now - Ed Sheeran is a particular favourite of theirs at the moment.

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

I do love a night out and the chance to get dressed up, but honestly a party at home is just as much fun these days. Friday nights on the sofa with the family are my favourite! When did that happen?!

What's next for The Style Nurse?

I'm busy at the moment working on my website and getting my personal styling business up and running. Lots of projects and some excited things happening so watch this space! I can be contacted by email or via IG for any queries.

You can keep up-to-date with Karen and The Style Nurse at the following links:

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August 01, 2017

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