We caught up with the lovely Susannah from Made By Skoo this week - another mum smashing running a business. Her gorgeous handmade cushions, headdresses and play sets are perfect for any little one's bedroom - we've got a growing collection here, too. We found out about what inspires Susannah and where it all started...

Tell us a bit about Made By Skoo - how did you start out?

It all started when my little girl Evelyn was younger and I found myself wanting to make things for her. I've always been creative and just wanted to use my sewing machine again! One of the very first things I made was a little tree hanging door decoration, a teepee, then much later on it was her very own apron play set with oven gloves as she kept pinching mine to use in her play kitchen. This led onto cushions and headdresses and the start of Made By Skoo.

Do you have kids? How do you fit your work around them?

Yes, just the one - Evelyn. Fitting work around her has been much easier since she started school last September, so now I work during school hours and late into the evening once she's in bed. It's great as I can drop-off and pick-up and be the mum I want to be; I'm just extremely tired from working so late!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Again, I have to say it's all from Evelyn. It's often something she wants and I'll attempt to make something for her. It may take a few go's but we often get to something great in the end...Evelyn's a good product tester! She's really into rainbows at the moment so I'm trying to add a bit of colour to my sleepy head cloud cushions somehow to reflect this.

What did you do before creating Made By Skoo? Have you always been so creative?

I was an accessories designer down in London and then freelanced for a while when we moved up to Harrogate. I did a textiles design course at Nottingham Trent University so have always been creative.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Cheesey pop music is my guilty pleasure! I don't get to listen to much music anymore as it's all about Disney in our car now. However, both Evelyn and I have been singing along to Adele when she pops up on the radio recently - I think we'll be buying her album soon.

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

I would love a party out but the thought of staying up late is already making me yawn, so it's got to be a party at home with gladrags and heels - and lots of cheesey pop music!

Any other independent brands you'd like to spread the word about?

There are so many wonderful small brands, so great to have variety and choice. I love all the prints by Wonder and Rah, if I could I'd buy all of her prints. La La Loves Decor has beautiful perspex wall decor; Evelyn has a few pieces in her bedroom. I also love the leggings from Sweet Petite Kids, we have bought a couple as gifts for friends - I only wish I'd discovered them earlier for when Evelyn was younger.

What can we expect from Made By Skoo in 2017?

I've just launched some cute zipped bunny pouches. They've had a positive reaction so far so I'm hoping to work on some other animal faces, and of course some in rainbow colours for Evelyn!

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April 21, 2017

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