Based in London with her husband and two boys Harry and Stanley in tow, Laura Rutherford blogs honestly and creatively about all things family and lifestyle, ranging from topics such as style and fashion right through to her honest account of perinatal depression. She also runs her own personalised wreath art business, creating beautiful paintings for any occasion - there's not much she can't do! We caught up with her for a chat about all things business, blogging and creativity.

Tell us a bit about your blog - how did it all start and how did you get to where you are today?

My blog is a creative outlet for me to write about all the things I love. At the core, the heart and soul of it is family. Family is what I'm all about and one of my greatest achievements in life has to be becoming a mother. Like all mothers out there, having enough brain space to think about yourself is a rarity and I knew it was important that I made time for me. ‘Me time’ often means doing something creative and that's where my blog came to life: an escapism to share thoughts, experiences and learnt lessons. My blogging journey is a work in progress and I've met some incredibly inspiring people along the way.

We love your wreath art - what’s your background in art and painting?

I was always creative at school, excelled in Art and Textiles and following my gap year continued on to do an Art Foundation course at UWE in Bristol. I've always made homemade cards and there's even a joke among my siblings that no one ever wants me for secret Santa because they know they’ll get something ‘handmade’ hahaha! If I'm not painting at home, I'm sewing, crafting or sketching!

We know you love fashion - who’s style are you currently loving?

After uni I landed myself my dream job working in Fashion Buying…so at the time I was always one step ahead with trends. Living by Portobello market and the endless vintage stalls, I am a sucker for second hand and the bohemian vibe. Growing up Kate Moss and Sienna Miller were my style guru’s! These days I'm inspired by fellow insta mum's and lust over high street buys that are affordable and on trend. In particular I love these stylish ladies; Erica Davies, ‘The Frugality’ and ‘A Mothers Edit’.

Have your kids followed in your fashion footsteps? What is fashionable to them?

Both my husband and I like to keep our fingers on the pulse. When it comes to the children, Harry's turning 8 soon and he's definitely becoming more self aware and style conscious. Stanley on the other hand is more than happy prancing around in his pyjamas, wellies and a hat! That kid LOVES a hat!

Who were your heroes when you were a kid?

My mum was always my hero growing up. I admire her strength, perseverance, courage, patience and overwhelming kindness. She is the best mother I know of and I strive to be just like her.

How important do you think style is for mums?

I think style is all about your confidence and how you carry yourself. It's important to feel comfortable but to also retain that sexiness and sassiness! Your style is a reflection of your personality so you’ve gotta let that shit shine!

Who are you loving on Instagram at the moment?

I'm loving EVERYONE! I've made some wonderful friends through the Instagram community who are a source of inspiration and support. I love what everyone is doing.

What music do you listen to? Have your kids inherited your music taste?

Every morning we have Kiss FM on in the kitchen and the boys love it! …luckily they don't understand half of the lyrics!

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

Oooooh that's a hard one. Any excuse to get dressed up, throw some heels on and let my hair down; whether I'm ‘out out’ downing shots at a bar, being the annoying groupie girl by the DJ booth or home pouring obscene measures of alcohol, dancing to Whitney Houston. I LOVE a party. But be warned, I'm a bit of a lightweight!

What’s next for you?

My Wreath Art paintings are coming along nicely so hopefully their popularity will continue. I'm hoping to collaborate with many more brands on my blog and continue building my audience organically. I'm enjoying every moment of it, so please stay tuned!

You can keep up-to-date with Laura at the following links:

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May 19, 2017

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