In a world where we're all glued to a screen for most of the time we're awake, it's not surprising that Mums are now coming together online to share their experiences honestly and openly. Alex is no different, and her blog A Side Order Of Me offers a frank view into single motherhood, sharing the best (and worst!) sides of parenting "one winged eyeliner day at a time". She reviews anything she and her daughter Phoebe come across, and writes honestly about her adventures in motherhood. 

We had a quick chat with Alex to find out where it all started and why she thinks honesty is the best policy.

Tell us a bit about your blog A Side Order Of Me - what made you want to start up?

I have always loved to write; be it in diaries, tumblr, twitter, instagram or any other social media sites. I was born a word splurger. So, when I became a mum, I decided to create a site for me to share. My blog is not uniformed, it's random like me, it can be recipes, through, reviews and poems.

What keeps you blogging? Where do you find new inspiration?

Sanity! It really is therapeutic. I also really like sharing my find with others - Instagram is the feeder that keeps on feeding, and as Instagram continues to be a super influential site, the diversity and offerings on there are just endless. I have spent a small fortune on shops I have discovered on Instagram, so it's only fair that I share my finds.

We know you like to be honest about parenting - why do you think that's important?

I could not imagine being a parent without having someone to share all the good and the bad days with. No-one wants to feel isolated, and parenting is seriously hard as it is - now, imagine thinking you were the only one who did the 'thank god they're in bed' dance, or tried to make kale fritters that your child lobbed across the room, so you said a little freezer prayer. Imagine your child telling you they loved you for the first time, but you had no-one to share it with. For me, sharing is somewhat therapeutic. It's like going to a counsellor which is free, but instead of having a neutral person just nodding at you, you have hundreds of parents saying "I thought I was the only one who felt like that."

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Time. Phoebe is not interested in me typing about toothpastes and my recipes are only of interest to her when they are in her mouth. I usually save my writing for the nights, and even then I usually turn into a mombie after 8, so it can be hard!

How has your life changed since starting the blog?

I am poorer in money, richer in knowledge and have made some pretty damn awesome friends.

What music do you listen to? Have your kids inherited your music taste?

My music tastes are very eclectic, mood dependent. I am a 90s grunger at heart - a big lover of old music with punk tendencies, and I can rap pretty well, too. My daughter is a mover! She likes a good tune, her favourite at the moment is when we sing We Are Family together. She dislikes Coldplay, so she's showing signs of good taste!

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

Gosh, this is a hard one. I love nothing more than 'partying' on the sofa with friends, wine and food. I do however appreciate it when I get to go out and let my hair down a bit - Until the next day...

Any exciting future plans to share?

I do - I may have to whisper in your ear and ask you really nicely not to tell anyone yet - but I do have a few things up my sleeve. I will be restarting my Instagram penpals again soon - keep an eye out!

You can keep up to date with Alex and Phoebe at the following links:

Blog // Instagram // Facebook

May 24, 2017

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