Specialising in perspex jewellery, Lost in Perspex is all about unique designs, inspired by origami, Geishas and strong women. Founder Kate designs all of her colourful jewellery herself, and each piece is clearly created with a real love for what she does. We had a quick chat with her about all things business, music and partying!

Tell us a bit about Lost In Perspex - how did you start?

LiP startes as a bit of a play date for myself really. I took a jewellery course and enjoyed it so I started playing with perspex. Then both of my boys were at school so thoughts of going back to work started to stir. At that point, I thought I would try and make Lost In Perspex work.

Do you have any kids? How do you fit your work around them?

We have two boys, aged 5 and 8. The joy of having LiP is that I can fit it around my boys, it works for our lifestyle and I feel incredibly lucky. I'm there for school runs and just fit making jewellery and social media round them. Sometimes I can post on social media or the blog lots, other times I just don't have the time (or energy!) That's just the way it goes and i'm happy with that.

Where do you find your inspiration for your pieces?

It definitely starts with my LOVE of Geishas and the flower and willow world. My first perspex pieces were hair combs inspired by the elaborate hair-dos. It rolled from there to cranes and origami. I also like to be a bit naughty, and that's where the naughty rabbits came from!

What did you do before LiP?

I studied performing arts before heading to Spain to holiday rep. After that I headed to London. My first job was at the electric in Portobello before getting a job in music publishing. I was based in Notting Hill and worked in copyright and licensing, it was great fun and I do miss parts of it.

Any other independent brands you'd like to spread the word about?

Lennie & Co are ace, the 'Donut Worry' tees are worn a lot in this house. Kemi Kids is nailing it - Yvonne is sooo lovely and her 'Queen' bag is a permanent fixture on my back.

We know you love music - any favourite tracks?

Oh wow, this is tough, I have loads! On the playlist, constantly is;

Clean Bandit (Usually goes on before school, we all like them)
July by Natty (Love his album)
De la Soul – Me, Myself and I (love it all though)
Bjork - Oh So Quiet (For a shout and giggle with my kids)
Pretty in Pink - Pyschedelic Furs
Little Star - Stina Nordenstam (A scary subject matter but her voice has stuck in my head since the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack was released)
Fast Car – Tracy Chapman ('Nuff said.)
Anything by Major Laser is a big hit
Wannabe – Spice Girls!

I’m pretty into the Hot 8 Brass Band too – on the spot album is great, great sunny day music, along with any reggae (Bob, obviously!) I also love a soundtrack – Dirty Dancing, Drive, St Elmo’s Fire, Grease, Nine Mile and Beaches. 
Jez (my husband, who DJ’ed in Bournemouth during his uni years!) is patiently teaching me to DJ and help me find the get down part!

Have your kids inherited your music taste?

You can probably tell my taste is a bit eclectic! We listen to a lot of hip hop and funk when Jez is home, and more pop and disco in the week. The boys really like a track called Bike Engine by Stylo G - they have their own little dance! Our 5 year old likes Gangnam Style and our eldest loves Rag'n'Bone Man. I think Jez and I expose them will all types of music...apart from heavy metal, I can't cope with that! On the run up to our annual pilgrimage to Camp Bestival, we make a playlist featuring most of the artists/bands playing there and then play it to the kids. It's great for gaging what the kids likes and when we get to the festival they recognise tracks - they're not shy about saying who they don't want to see too! Last year, we had a hip hop wedding at the inflatable church, the boys really got on board with it and I was super proud. So I think they have eclectic tastes, too! Neither like the Spice Girls, unfortunately!!

Party our or party at home? - Discuss!

Both!! We love to host parties at ours for family and friends. We start with an annual Rum Shack opening in May - our Garden Rum Shack is complete with optics, decks and a disco ball! Nothing like getting people together for a dance and a giggle. It's always the dads on the decks first...we have had some interesting mixes! Going out is fun too, though - there are some lovely bars in Bath. Juno, Sub 13 and The Common Rooms has a light up dance floor, that's a winner for me!

What's next for Lost in Perspex?

I've always been a go with the flow and see where it takes you kind of person. This seems to apply to Lost in Perspex, too! I'm working with a new laser cutting team and have lots of ideas. More feel-good accessories, more cheekiness and more party time! Things change, things grow and I love that. What started as just a bit of a play date for my creative side is turning into something more fun. Currently working on a few super events in Bath too...watch this space!

You can find Kate and Lost in Perspex at the following links:

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May 11, 2017

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