We've been a fan of Sarah's style for a while now and she's always been ace at styling our T's & Sweatshirts. We caught up with Sarah and found out a bit more about her style & her new business Raf & Grace.
Describe your style? 
 Boyish. I am allergic to getting dressed up looking girly or ‘Mumsy’. If I wear a dress it’s only with trainers or chunky boots. Always a boyish spin on every outfit. I always dress things down. 
What are some of your favourite brands?
 The Frankie Shop…… can’t afford it other than a treat or investment purchase I will wear a lot. Ganni, Arket & Cos. RIXO London and House of Sunny for inspo and colour. Levi’s also especially vintage Levi’s. Independent brands like diskokids and upcycle brands like Soul & Flare here in Nottingham. 
Please tell us about your new venture Raf & Grace ?
 After years of being a fashion Buyer for a corporate high street retailer and then working freelance with smaller fashion brands I always wanted to do my own business. 
I over consumed fashion throughout my 20 and 30’s in my 40’s my attitude towards fashion consumption has completely changed. Buying and wearing preloved and vintage. Also only buying items I love and will wear. I bought the domain for Raf & Grace a few years ago. The website launched last November selling own brand dresses, Kimono’s and jackets made from dead-stock and recycled fabrics alongside preloved and vintage collections. 
Raf & Grace is a platform to buy and sell preloved fashion alongside considered slow fashion garments. Unique and individual pieces you won’t see everyone else wearing.    
So far the reaction to the website has been fantastic. Raf & Grace is a play on my daughters names - Rafaella & Marcelle Grace (my grandma was called Grace too). It’s very hard worn running the website along side my lecturing job and freelance work.
What music do you listen to?
 I LOVE music. We listen to vinyl at home a lot. Heavily influenced by dance music. Faves are New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Electronic, Metronomy, Roisin Murphy and Moloko. 
Also love indie/retro music  - The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Depeche Mode, The Sundays, David Bowie, Blonde, The arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Barbara Streisand 
Also love 80’s/90’s music - Sade, Prince, George Michael, U2, Soul To Soul, 
My kids are now in to Sodding Justin Beiber so I have to listen to that which kills me 😭😭😭😭
Who are your Fashion heroes - Blondie (my dad liked Blondie I remember loving her style as a kid) 
Ian Brown I was obsessed with as a teen. His hair and baggy jeans. Totally obsessed with George Michael as a child too. Also Kate Moss. Phoebe Philo and Stella McCartney too. 
Party Out or Party at home?
I am a total Nana these days 👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻 
July 07, 2022

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