Introducing the NEW Mosaic Skirt & Trousers 

I thought I'd show & tell you a little bit about the journey that these two garments have had, from the idea in my head for garments to wear alongside the T's and sweatshirts to the 2 finished pieces we are launching for you today.

Lets go back - way back - I've always loved fashion - from making my Sindy dolls little outfits as a kid, on my Mums Bernina sewing machine - to making a copy of a very basic Vivienne Westwood, jersey dress my friend Karyn had in the early 90's. I was no seamstress but loved having a go. Roll on 30 years ( yikes! ) & here I am using a little bit of everything I've learnt in my life to making my first garments for Disko Kids.

I stated this process just as we moved into the new unit last year ( which in hindsight was probably very bad timing) There's lots of work that has needed to go into this process. Elizabeth Styles helped me begin the process of finding someone to guide me through - That person was Sara Collins who has helped me understand all the important steps in the process of manufacturing the garments from finding the right ethically run factory, to the attention to detail on sampling the products and fabric we were going to chose.

Next up was getting a tech pack for the factory to work from. I knew I wanted a big frill on the waistband and for it to be elasticated! & pockets were non-negotiable! I love a more relaxed style and I wanted something to dress up or down.

 Lottie Woods helped with this & produced the the tech pack, we started to get samples of the garments that we were going to produce. There were originally 3 garments (also a dress to come but luckily that's on hold until the Spring )


I sourced and bought the print design for the fabric through someone that Gemma in the team had worked with -  so you know you wont se the same print elsewhere. This first run is limited.


Then finally over the last few months where we have had samples of the garments, we've been able to see some of our lovely stylists in the skirts and trousers.

Kerry wardrobeofamidlifecrisis (above)

Another Kerry form the Disko Kids team below.

  Here's what we've styled with the Mosaic trousers and Skirt

Tshirts, Bags, Disco Ring Pendant & earrings all available at Disko Kids 

Black Vegan Platform Sandals Esska Shoes 

Black Jacket - Arket 


TshirtsBagsDisco Ring Pendant & earrings all available at Disko Kids 

Black Jumper - Cos Jumper 

Heeled Esska Shoes

I hope you like them as much as I've loved creating them.

September 01, 2022

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