Happy New Year Disko Kids! Thank you so much for all your support up to this point – 2016 was our first year so we’re really excited to see where 2017 takes us as Disko Kids continues to grow.

Seeing as it’s January, the month of huge expectations and endless ‘new year new me’s’, everyone is talking about their new year resolutions. It’s often easy to make big promises to yourself at this time of year, whether it’s starting a new exercise regime that would rival Usain Bolt’s or starving yourself of all the naughty sugary (delicious) treats until next Christmas. However, realistically, resolutions like these often only last a couple of weeks before they're forgotten about when life gets in the way. This year, Helen and I have decided to make a few realistic resolutions here at Disko Kids - simple things that seem easy but will hopefully make the big differences that the new year holds all the hope for. Fingers crossed we can stick to these ones!


We all know how easy it is to get whipped up in work-mode and to get stuck in your own little bubble, and before you know it it’s Christmas again and that dinner date you’ve been promising your best friend still hasn’t happened. This year, our schedules will always include time for friends and family, whether it’s a quick coffee or just fitting in the time for a walk in the sunshine with the kids (even if it’s cold!) – they are the most important things, after all.


This is a difficult one working in an online world, especially nowadays when the internet even rules our free time too. There are hundreds of articles and studies telling us that looking at a screen 24/7 is a bad thing – so this year, we’re listening. Even just one ‘digital-detox’ hour every week is a good start, switching off completely just for a bit to make the most of the reality around us. 


This one is explained perfectly in this article Helen found written by Lauren Laverne.  Running a small business gets extremely hectic a lot of the time, so this year we will be perfecting the art of single-tasking and making sure we concentrate on one project at a time before moving on to the next. Lots of planning and lots of focus – watch this space, it’s going to be a good year!

What are you aiming for in 2017? 

January 06, 2017

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