It's no secret that here at Disko Kids, we love a bit of disco. That's why, when we came across Big Fish Little Fish, we just had to spread the word! Launched originally in London and designed especially with your little ones in minds, mini raves are popping up in quirky venues across the country with a focus on providing a safe and social environment for kids to discover music and for parents to relive the club classics of their youth.

Awarded by the National Family Arts Festival Awards as Best Family Event for the past two years running, and featured in the top ten of Time Out's The Best 101 Things To Do In London With Kids, Big Fish Little Fish creates a real festival atmosphere with top DJs such as Tom Middleton and Nihal playing top club classics. The big kids can get into the spirit with the licensed bar, while the smaller ravers can dance their hearts out amongst bubbles and glitter with their glowsticks in hand. 

We spoke to Anna Emery, who runs raves across Oxford and Birmingham, to learn a little bit more about what Big Fish Little Fish is all about...

Tell us a little bit about how Big Fish Little Fish came about, and how you're involved?

Hannah Saunders set up Big Fish Little Fish in London in 2013 when, after becoming a mum, she was a little bit bored by the baby/toddler groups she was going to - she wanted to create an event where the adults could enjoy themselves as much as the children. Hannah has always been a big festival goer and clubber, so she used her experiences of that to create an event where the whole family could enjoy themselves, and Big Fish Little Fish was born! The raves have spread across the country with a network of regional managers, all who have a passion for the scene and wanted to get involved. 

When I was pregnant with Stanley (my first child) I saw a review in Time Out about Big Fish LIttle Fish and thought it was an amazing idea, and wished I had thought of it myself! I'd always loved clubbing in Birmingham and in London in the 90s, and spent many summers in Ibiza (I still do, but with children it's an entirely different holiday!) That side of my life quietened down as I got older and had children, however I never lost the love for the music. I took my boys the their first Big Fish Little Fish rave at a warehouse club in Hackney. It was FAB! I got to dance to some fantastic music in a club atmosphere, plus there were things going on for the little ones too - they were both given a little glowstick to wave about, there were craft tables, a play area, baby space, playdoh table, cakes, bubbles and glitter canons on the dancefloor, a parachute dance, huge bouncy balloons...they loved it!

I got in touch with Hannah after the event to tell her what a great time we had and to ask if there were any plans to start doing them in Birmingham as I was moving back to my home town. We got chatting and decided that I would set up the events in the West Midlands and Oxford area - so, in April this year, I held my first Big Fish Little Fish rave at the Rainbow Warehouse, and have since held 3 more raves in Birmingham plus raves in Oxford, Telford and Leamington Spa!

Do you have kids? How do you fit your work around being a mum?

I have two boys, Stanley and Bertie, ages 3 and nearly 2. As well as doing Big Fish Little Fish I have a part time job at the University, so it's hectic, but I like being busy. The boys go to a lovely nursery while I'm working, so that's how I fit it all in!

What sort of music do you listen to? What's your party go-to?

Right this minute I'm listening to Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens as we've just put the tree up! Normally, I prefer to listen to something with a dancey beat, but to be honest if it's good music, then it's good music irrespective of the genre and i'll listen to it. At a party I'd go for some old skool classics, but I don't have parties - except for BFLF!

Have your kids inherited your music taste?

I've been teaching them both about what is playing in the car, so if I ask them what they want on they will say, for example, "want speed garage" - I think it's really cute. I've also been teaching them to punch the air to the beat with me. I bought this reggae CD in the summer, they both seem to like that too.

Party out or party home...Discuss!

I rarely party out i'd say, a nice meal with a small group of friends - either out or in. I have the odd night out dancing, but I prefer small groups to big parties,. Big Fish Little Fish is plenty for me party-wise!

Any other independent brands out there you'd like to spread the word about?

Well obviously we love Disko Kids!

Any last words...

Tickets are available for Chad Jackson Christmas Rave next weekend at the Rainbow Warehouse! :)

To find out more, head over to where you can find the calendar of all upcoming events and get your tickets - make sure you're quick though, they sell out pretty fast! 

Parents finally have an excuse to get back to their raving roots and introduce their little ones to the music that made them - so, to quote Hannah - "Big fish, grab your little fish and we'll see you on the dance floor!" And keep an eye out for Disko Kids at Big Fish Little Fish events in 2017 - we might be popping up for a party too!

December 09, 2016

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