This week Nikki Nicola - @40notfrumpy steps up to the challenge of picking her 10 favourite tracks for her mixtape. She's not only a bit of a fashion addict but also a pianist and composer.

A few faves of mine in her mixtape too! Love the Jet track - & Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy has aways been a guilty pleasure of mine too.

What was the first record / CD  you ever bought?

Kids from fame LP  - I had a crush on Bruno the piano player! 

What was the first gig you went to?

Curiosity killed the cat at Crawley Leisure centre!  

Party out or Kitchen Disco?

Depends on my mood. I don’t get out much these days but I love dancing!

Talk us through your mixtape -  What’s each track / artist  and why is it on your Mixtape.

I had such a hard time choosing so I’ve split in to genres as I love so many different types of music.......

 Track 1 Fave indie track: Fools Gold by the Stone Roses. The bass line, the beat, the fact that I never skip it when I’m on shuffle. It’s a classic! 

Track 2 Dance/Electronic - Disappear Here by Hybrid. Amazing music,ticks every box for me. Clever, orchestral,beats, amazing vocals, I could go on...

Track 3 Rock - this was hard. Could’ve been so many bands and songs but I went for Are you Gonna be my girl by Jet. It’s a great, retro cool track that needs to be listened to loud!!!!

Track 4 R&B - has to be Waterfalls by TLC, that bass line! I seems to have a thing for bass lines!

Track 5 Beatles - my favourite band of all time is the Beatles and there are so many tracks I love - one of my favs is Day Tripper. Amazing song and again what a bass line! I think I’m going to have to learn the bass!


Track 6 Guilty pleasure - we all have them right? I love Level 42 but I’ve chosen Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold as it’s an amazing song through and through.


Track 7 Chillout - my favourite chillout band is Zero 7 and my favourite track is Home. The harmonies are spectacular!

Track 8 90’s - I was a gigging musician in the 90’s and this song is one of the ones I used to sing and play regularly. I’m only happy when it rains, by Garbage. 

Track 9 80’s - I love 80’s music. It was when I was growing up so there are a lot of happy memories attached to the songs. I’ve chosen Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News as Back to the Future is a huge part of my childhood, and it’s an amazing song!

Track 10 Finally, my favourite recent track. I love a fairly new band called Nothing But Thieves, and the track Sorry is a track I never skip when it comes on. Give it a listen, it’s a perfect pop/ rock song! 


Thanks for your great selections Nikki!

Check out Nikki's Soundcloud page as she makes some beautiful music too.


June 22, 2018

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