Pascale Banks better know as Style Mum is this weeks Mixtape selector - and what an ace eclectic selection.

You can find the selections in a playlist on our Youtube channel for a continuous mix! 

What was the first record / CD  you ever bought?

As much I wouldn't want to admit it, probably a boy band track by another level or east 17!!

What was the first gig you went to?

Counting crows at Brixton academy with my brother and his mates


Party out or Kitchen Disco?

Kitchen disco always!!

Talk us through your mixtape -  What’s each track / artist  and why its on your Mixtape.

 Track 1

Dire straits 'take it easy' as it was the Sunday song in my house played by my Dad.

Track 2

This years love by David Gray

as sadly it was the album that reminds me of my mum and dads break up.


Track 3

Tupac - Changes as it was the first song that I memorised all the words of! 

Track 4

Morjac Stars is the song of my summer working in Ibiza!


Track 5 

Any Usher 8701 as this this reminds me of the time I met my hubby when I was 19!

Track 6

Estelle and Kanye American boy played all the time when I was pregnant and the boys danced in my tummy to it

Track 7

I'm an NME girl at heart so anything by the libertines, particularly can't stand me now (my fave song)


Track 8

John legend - Stay With You - as it's our first dance track


Track 9

Blackbird by the Beatles as it is just one of my all time faves and make me cry a little


Track 10

Mr Blue Sky as it just makes me smile whenever I hear it

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May 25, 2018

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