We did it! We survived the January Blues and the grey skies and spring is creeping ever closer. This week we're waving goodbye to January with a smile and looking forward to brighter days ahead. Okay, okay, so the weather may not be much better for a little while, but we're determined to make the most of it and get creative this winter, even if we do have to stay indoors. We've scoured the internet so you don't have to and chosen our favourite activities to keep the kids busy when a run around the park might not be an option.


Disko Kids should always be able to let their creative sides run wild, and when the days are darker and we’re all stuck inside, art is definitely the go-to activity. We really love Omy for supplies – they do giant colouring posters, maps and even a colour-your-own backpack for your budding fashion designers!

Or, if you’re feeling a bit more messy (and don’t mind clearing up afterwards),  this buzzfeed article has loads of ideas – the bubble painting and sand paintings would look really cool framed in the kids’ rooms.


If you love music like we do, you'll know how important it is to pass on your excellent music taste to your kids. Helen's eldest daughter Lottie loves The Beatles, and the whole family has often been known to break out into a Frozen sing along - it's contagious! There's lots of ready-made playlists over on Spotify, and you could even make your own for those rainy day dance parties. 


Kids play loud - we’ve even got a T-Shirt for it. So why not embrace the noise and get them crafting their own musical instruments? They’re super simple but really effective, and they can be decorated however your kids see fit. This website has all the handy step-by-step guides you need. The rainbow shakers would be especially good for younger kids to make – lots of colour and lots of noise to brighten up the duller days.


If you’d rather not have a rainbow shaker soundtrack for the day and you’ve got a clear diary, watching a good classic film together could be a calmer option. Our favourites include Oliver, Star Wars and Disney classics like The Lion King - the old ones are the best! Why not make it even more fun by making your own popcorn or building a blanket fort – Pinterest has loads of good ideas, but bear in mind they might not look quite as picture-perfect once your little ones have got themselves comfortable! 


Dressing up is everyone’s favourite play time, whether you’re a little kid or a big kid. Letting your little ones loose on your old wardrobe or letting them be a superhero for a day can brighten up any wintery afternoon. If you're in need of props, Fable Heart is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. 


Letting the little ones design their own T-Shirts can be loads of fun. All you need is an old top, some felt tips (or fabric pens), glue and loads of glitter and there you have your own little fashion designers! And when they've - ahem - 'improved' their old shirts, Disko Kids are always on hand to replace them!


January 27, 2017

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