Founded 8 years ago by busy mom-of-two Keira O'Mara, Mama Designs is your go-to one stop shop for all things baby related. You might have already heard of her - the Mama Designs Instagram is cutie central and her products are well known for their great design and excellent quality. 

Mama Designs originally began with the Mama Scarf; a discreet breastfeeding cover which makes it super easy to feed your little ones when you're out and about, created when Keira had her own little boy. Nowadays, the range stretches from Babasacs in a range of beautiful fabrics and muslins to cosy cellular blankets and bamboo breast pads, all tested carefully and all created with moms in mind. It's clear that Keira works relentlessly to make Mama Designs as great as it is, so we grabbed her for a quick chat to see what her secret is.

Tell us a little bit about Mama Designs - how did you start up?

I launched Mama Designs 8 years ago after having my little boy Sam and being made redundant on maternity leave. I was quite self conscious about breastfeeding in public and had had an idea for a discreet breastfeeding cover that helped to support the baby. When I looked for a cover and was unable to find one, I decided to create one myself - Mamascarf was born!

Do you have kids? How do you fit your work around them?

I have two children, aged 9 and 6. I work from home around them, cramming in as much as I can while they're at school! I still like to do school runs so sometimes work spills over into the evenings. I love the flexibility I have with the business but at times it is hard as you never really switch off, and there is a guilt when you're supposed to be doing something with the kids yet you're looking at your phone!

What baby products couldn't you do without when your kids were babies?

A baby sling was my must-have. It meant that I could carry on with my work and do stuff around the house while carrying Lily. She was a bit colicky and was always better when she was carried. That, and some good quality muslins - you can never have too many muslins!

Any independent brands you'd like to spread the word about?

I have come across so many amazing brands since launching this business. In terms of baby products, I love Bundle Bean and Snooze Shade is absolute genius for getting your baby to nap for a long time while out and about. In terms of beautiful products, I love Velveteen Babies for their amazing garlands and the Milk Collective for their gorgeous design led rattles. Oh, and LaLaLoves Decor make the most amazing acrylic eyelashes, we have several pairs. 

What sort of music do you listen to? Who are some of your favourite artists?

In the car me and the kids listen to Radio One, even though I am too old (aparently!) My music taste is pretty varied though, all genres from disco, to house, to country - yes, can't beat a bit of Dolly! My current fave is Michael Kiwanuka.

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

Depends whether I have a babysitter! It's always nice to dress up but you can't beat a party at home, no taxi's, no queuing at the bar!

What has 2017 got in store for Mama Designs?

I'm really excited about 2017, we've got a few new launches planned for early March, monochrome pineapple swaddle muslins and muslin squares, and cloud print swaddle muslins, too! We will also be doing some exciting collaborations and working with a couple of new brand reps.

Lots to look forward to from Mama Designs then! Keep up-to-date with Keira and Mama Designs with the following links:

Mama Designs // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

January 20, 2017

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