It took me about 9 months to finally get the courage to put all the prints I'd been collecting up in our hall. I'm the type of person that normally just hangs pictures without any measuring or planning first. However this was different & a bit more scary. But as I began it wasn't as hard as I'd made myself feel it was - My advice is go for it ( with some planning ) what's the worst that can happen!


I thought I'd put together a useful selection of some the places I've found really useful or inspiring to create a wall of prints. Also some great shops on Instagram to buy prints for your home and gallery wall.


Lisa Dawson really knows her onions & a big supporter of independent businesses. She has some beautiful curated walls of art & prints in her home. Check out her website for lots of inspiration & she has also written a great blog piece on How to create a Gallery Wall and on a budget

There are loads of accounts on Instagram who regularly share gallery wall shots - Follow #gallerywallhashtag for lots more inspiration.









 Pinterest is also an inspiring place to get some ideas on what kind of layout you want your wall to follow. Laying the prints on the floor is also a good way to get an idea of how they will sit together.


Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts & a few of our own @diskokids prints.



















For your frames

Ikea Ribba range are reasonably priced and have a good selection of colours / finishes.

Marks & Spencers also do a great range.


The Range



& Charity Shops are great for finding more unusual frames to mix things up.

Hope this blog gives you some ideas and inspiration with creating your own Gallery Wall. 

March 01, 2019

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