Motherland MCR is any Manchester Mum's go-to for events, places, beauty and style. In amongst putting on fashion events with stylists such as The Fashion Craver and spreading the word about all things Manchester, founder and mum-of-two Sally caught up with us to tell us where it all started and what it means to run a business as an already busy mum.

Tell us about Motherland MCR - how did you start?

I think it was born out of the frustration that there is so much on social media  which doesn’t really identify Mothers as anything else other than a Mum, which is not how I want to be defined! It’s a struggle to retain your identity when you have kids, you’re trying to work, look after your family. There isn’t much time left to think of yourself after all of that, which I think should be challenged. We’ve become the “do it all" mum where we expect ourselves to be able to be a good Mum, have a successful career, be healthy, look good, have a lovely home - the list goes on! - and then get frustrated when we can’t. I wanted to create a campaign for Mums that identified with this and which gives mums an easy and accessible place to prioritise themselves - whether thats wellbeing, beauty, fashion or events. 

Do you have any kids?

Yes - 2 girls. Ivy who is 6 and Stella (the hooligan) who is 3. 

Sally from Motherland MCR and her daughter

How do you fit your work around your kids?

Last year I would have told you I did this badly. I was working long hours (from 7am) 4 days a week, was exhausted and felt like I was just about managing to do the basics for my family. I’ve changed career totally now though and am a freelance social media manager, which means I can work flexible hours. It does mean working in the evenings which at the moment is a better alternative. I also make sure I stay mega organised - I plan my week as much as I can so I know exactly what I need to achieve. I don’t think there is a definitive answer to this though, its whatever works for each Mother. I am fascinated by the whole concept of the “mental load” in the family unit - if you haven’t read about it, do! 

What did / do you do before Motherland MCR?

I worked in education recruitment, for many years. It was great pre-kids but totally killed me physically and emotionally once I was doing it with 2 young kids. 

Any independent brands you’d like to spread the word about?

We have an ace little shop here in Manc called Our Kid which sells great kids stuff but also is a place you can have a coffee and let the kids play. Check them out online, they have loads of brands like Scamp and Dude, Boys and Girls and  Tiba + Marl.  My other indie brand I LOVE is called Honest Skincare, based in Birmingham and they make the most amazing natural products. I get terrible eczema and this stuff is one of the few brands which I can consistently use. My all time favourite independent is Laura Lee Jewellery though - I am obsessed and subsequently bankrupt.  

What kind of music do you listen to?

Not enough! I used to be so into my music! The last album which I really loved was Drunk by Thundercat, still on my playlist now. I used to be a total old school disco fanatic, love a bit of Ashford and Simpson etc but also Danny Krivit is my all time fave DJ. I remember going to Plastic People to see him and was sober the entire night (not a usual occurrence) and it was just magic. 

Have your kids inherited your music taste?

Yes definitely, my oldest has her own playlist which includes Automatic by The Pointer Sisters and a bit of Fleetwood Mac as well. I feel a bit sorry for her when she is going into school asking her mates if they like Teddy Pendergrass. My husbands CD collection has taken over our living room so they are both well educated when it comes to music. We love a DISCO. 

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

Party out - then back to party at home obvs!!

What’s next for Motherland MCR?

I am taking some time to focus on my social media work for clients. Motherland.MCR is the start of it all, which I will always be grateful for but its time to spread my wings a bit and focus on working with other businesses. 

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September 15, 2017

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