Hello and welcome to the Disko Kids blog.

I want this blog to be full of things that will be of interest to all the parents who read it, things that I would want to read on a blog.

The blog is for parents like me who have limited time in searching for and finding great toys, clothes, books and presents for kids on the internet - the high street is now not so enjoyable. I have a 2 year old and shopping on the high street is a TOTALLY different experience now, a 2 year old who wants to get out of her push chair constantly and run around the shop like she's in a soft play ball pit.

Over the last year while setting up Disko Kids I've found some very talented people and great brands who create the most amazing products. So I just want to share them with you - as I wish I'd found them earlier. Many of them are unique in what they make or sell and often creative Mums who run their own businesses from their homes.

The blog will feature all sorts of independent brands that I've found mostly on Instagram often selling hand-made treasures which make fantastic presents. Above is a beautiful Ice Cream Garland made by Velveteen Babies .

Also there's a lot of lovely ladies out there, a lot of them friends, who are taking some really amazing photos that could easily have been taken by a professional photographer. So I want to share them and their work on here too.

So a bit about us - 3 years ago my partner Chris and I started a men's clothing brand called NoWayBack. Over there we produce limited designs inspired by dance music culture on T-shirts & sweatshirts. We have also collaborated with some great DJ's and record labels.


The name Disko Kids is quite apt in a lot of ways - I was/am a DJ. I played a lot more in my 20's and 30's than I do now! I was resident DJ at a club called Wobble in Birmingham in the early 90's alongside guesting around the country at various clubs and nights. I still try to find time to play when I can.

Chris my partner in Disko Kids (and life) is also a fan of all things dance music - he makes music. So It seemed a natural progression to create a kids brand with a music theme and to produce some great T-shirts for our kids. Who always love a little disco.

My background in retail and Chris's career as a graphic designer has given us the perfect opportunity to do what we do and I feel very grateful to be able to do something I love so much as my career now.

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Thanks Helen x



October 22, 2016

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