For this edition of 'Super Stylin' we caught up with Disko Kids' friend, Laura Fawcett @laurafawcett_style

Laura is a Personal Stylist who has been running her own business for 5 years and is mum to two young children Laina & Flyn. 

She is passionate about helping men & women reconnect with their sense of style and works collaboratively with them to improve confidence and self esteem with the aim of learning how to express their personality through the clothes that they wear. 


Tell us about your style

My style personality is relaxed & creative and my looks can vary day by day as I like my style to represent my mood and work for whatever activity I’m doing.

On styling days it’s mainly colour blocking or print clashing with metallic accessories and on my mum days it’s more likely to be a boiler suit or chunky knitwear & printed trousers so I’m comfy and practical. 


Who are your fashion heroes?

Roisin Murphy is a total style icon and her stage style is totally bonkers which I love, I love Fearne Cotton’s relaxed & effortless vibe and I’ve always been a massive fan of Keith Richards’ style across the decades - always preferred him to Mick! 


Who do you love following on social media?

Candice Braithwaite is absolutely hilarious! I also adore her style and admire her confidence. 

I also love Erica Davies, @alexandrasteadman @girlwithbellsandwhistles and @meganellaby as they all have amazing and realistic style for every day life but all put their unique twist on their looks. 


What are your ‘must have’ items for 2023?

I’m a firm believer on adding anything that I’m tempted to buy on my wish list that’s saved on my notes in my phone for two weeks before buying it. If after the two weeks I still need & want it then I’m allowed. 

Currently on my list are; 

Amy Lynn gold metallic trousers 

Bright blue adidas wide leg trackies 

Some new replacement black platform sandals 

And a bright yellow beanie 


This way it helps to keep you in check ensuring that you are not over consuming and are more likely to make better choices when shopping. 

Which other brands do you love to wear?

I’m a big fan of a charity shop, have had lots of success in Mango and &Other Stories, over the last couple of years and brands that I love but tend to save up as a real treat would be Essentiel Antwerp & Bimbaylola


What are your top 3 tracks?

Wow that’s a tough one as to narrow it down is an almost impossible tasks but let’s go with these which are definitely up there in my top tunes; 


D- Train - 'You’re The One For Me' as that was the first dance at our wedding 

Sydney Youngblood - 'If Only I Could' - reminds me of an amazing night out with all my besties in Manchester 

N Joi - 'Anthem' which is my fav classic dance tune of all time 


Thanks so much Laura, we have loved chatting to you! Gold metallic trousers sound like a great wardrobe addition and what fab tracks, always so hard to pick! 

Look out for Laura styling some fab Disko Kids pieces over on her instagram @laurafawcett_style



April 27, 2023

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