Next up on the wheels of steel selecting her 10 tracks for her own special Mixtape is Steph Douglas. She's the lovely lady behind the most excellent 'Dont Buy Her Flowers'  

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Here's Steph’s selections ...You can also listen to all her picks over on our YouTube channel here

What was the first record / CD  you ever bought?

Especially for You, Kylie and Jason, 7inch 

 What was the first gig you went to?

Smash Hits Poll Winners Party aged 14, so 1995.

Party out or Kitchen Disco?

Ooooh, I like both. Having had a baby a year ago there has been a lot more kitchen disco, but I could do with a good night out out.

Talk us through your mixtape -  What’s each track / artist and why its on your Mixtape?

I don't think I can name 10 songs that are my favourites, but if any of these came on I would grin and turn them up loud. I'm writing this having been for a run listening to Kisstory, so that may have heavily influenced a lot of my choices!! I find what I love varies depending on my mood and what I'm doing, which I think is the same as most people. So don't judge me ok?

Track 1 Fugees, Ready or Not.    

I listened to this album so much when I was 15-16 and just starting to go out with my girls and kiss boys... good times.


Track 2 Beyonce - anything from Lemonade but let's go with Sorry.

I've seen her three times and she is ridiculously good. Like beyond anyone else I've seen and it looks like her voice just comes out with no effort.


Track 3 Alanis Morrisette You Learn.

I recall all the teenage angst, and it feels really good to sing this as loud as you can in the car because you know every single word to the whole album 20 years later.


Track 4 Wilson Phillips - Hold On

My brother Chas, who is our Head of Operations at Don't Buy Her Flowers, had this on record and we used to sing it on repeat. It's one where you know every note/word/oooh. 

Track 5 The Beatles - In my life  .

Reminds me of my Dad, who loves a sing song. He and Doug both play the guitar and at some point, probably in the run up to our wedding, they had a little jamming session and did this one. Blackbird is up there too.


Track 6 Kandi - Don't think I'm not

Reminds me of uni and my best mate Faye, who currently lives in NYC. We went to Sunday School together and then were at separate schools so didn't hang out but had lots of mutual friends. When I moved in to halls at Uni she was in the room next to me and we became inseparable. This song makes me want to call her and snigger - we sniggered a lot. We lived together for three years and I can know what she's thinking with a look. I miss her.


Track 7 R Kelly - Bump and Grind

My mind's telling me nooooooooooo - the opening line just makes me smile. It's so bad it's good. See also G-spot by Wayne Marshall. And Ginuwine, Pony.

Track 8 Elkie Brooks - Don't Cry Out Loud

It could equally have been Pearl's a Singer. Mum used to play her album a lot and when I was about 18 I went with my parents to see her at Cheltenham Town Hall, where everyone stayed seated for her whole show and I was the youngest there by about thirty years. Excellent for closing your eyes and singing along to.


Track 9 Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now.

We went to New York in September and went to Marie's Crisis, which is a piano bar where they sing show tunes. The owner sang this and was so amazing I had goose bumps. It's also on the Love Actually soundtrack and when I met Doug he was playing rugby in Italy, where the TV was all in Italian and he had two DVDs (one of which was Love Actually, the other Anchorman) so the whole soundtrack reminds me of a very cool time falling in love and having no responsibilities, even though we didn't realise it.


Track 10 Sean Paul Get Busy

I have a thing about Sean Paul and if I'm in the right mood, you won't be able to stop me grinding along to his songs.

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December 12, 2018

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