This weeks selector is vintage loving mother of 5 Jayne Oliver

What was the first record / CD  you ever bought?

The first record I bought with my own money was There Must be an Angel by The Eurythmics. Purchased from Woolworths in Penrith on one of our Lake District caravan holidays. 


What was the first gig you went to? 

 Yazz with my Mam and friends when I was 14. I wore my square toed shoes, cut off shorts and neon pink accessories!

Party out or Kitchen Disco?

Still love a night out. My children range from 13 to 18 months old so kitchen discos would have to include tunes from Mary Poppins, Sigrid and Baby bloody Shark. 

Track 1  Debaser - Pixies

 My all time favourite song from the band that really got me into music. Guaranteed to get me dancing in any situation. 


Track 2  Everlong - Foo Fighters

The acoustic version sung by a close friend was the first dance at our wedding last year. It’s all about the lyrics with this one. Pure romance. 

Track 3  Miss World - Hole

I’m not a huge Hole fan but I adore this song. I have memories of bouncing around an Alpine chalet on a university glaciation trip so lost in the music that I didn’t see that the whole group had walked in and were looking on with amusement. 



Track 4  Blister In the Sun- Violent Femmes 

I lived in Japan for a couple of years in my twenties. I ate lots of tofu, drank lots of Asahi, learnt a bit of a language and a lot more about myself. This song makes me think back to those solitary times. 


Track 5 Hard to Explain- The Strokes 

Such a tune. Makes me close my eyes with appreciation. 


Track 6 Take On Me - A-ha

I was in love with Morten Harket when I was 11. This song makes me think of my 1st year secondary school classroom and the books I bound with Smash Hits clippings of Morten!


Track 7  The Bucket - Kings of Leon

I first saw Kings of Leon when I was pregnant with my eldest son. Just a bunch of hairy lads firing out the tunes. They seemed so refreshing at the time and I loved them. So many songs of theirs I could have chosen. 

Track 8  Always Like This - Bombay Bicycle Club

There’s something about all of their songs that make me think of summer meadows and sunshine. Writing this with snow on the ground it’s fair to say I’m craving both. We all need more summer grooves in our lives!

Track 9 Sheela-Na-Gig - P J Harvey

Between sixth form and university I took a year out. I worked in an Oxfam shop, did a couple of night classes and went to as many gigs as I possibly could. PJ Harvey was a real stand out and I just love this album. 

Track 10 Here’s Where The Story Ends - The Sundays 

The perfect end to any mixtape or party. My friend and I went to India for a few months after university. We took my Walkman, bought a tinny speaker and had one mixtape for the whole trip!! Despite us listening to it hundreds of times this is the only track we both remember being on it! Sign of a good tune I reckon.


March 22, 2019

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