This week on the blog we hear the Lovely Olga  - AKA Big Fat Greek Mother's selections for her Mixtape. Her Instagram bio is a good description of who she is if you haven't come across this funny lady before! - Joy Bringing, Kebab Munching, 80's dressing, beard flashing, plate smashing teacher, wife and Mother to 3 boys. If you haven't seen any of her characters where have you been? She keeps us happy on a daily basis. 

You Tube link  to Olga's Mixtape

What was the first record / CD  you ever bought?


Oh my word!!!! It was the 'Bad' LP by Michael Jackson. Back in the days when woolworths was the place to be!!! Records AND pic n mix: absolute 80s heaven!!!!!


What was the first gig you went to? 

The very first gig ever was Salt n Pepa at the Hammersmith Palais. Oh my word I tried so hard to dress like them so they would notice me in the crowd!!! They didn't but I still "p-p-p-p-pushed it real good!" 

Party out or Kitchen Disco?

Always in the kitchen. Free drinks? No awful loo queues? Pjs on? No need for a babysitter coz your kids are jammin with you? Yeah its a no brainer! 


Talk us through your mixtape -  What’s each track / artist  and why its on your Mixtape?


Track 1 Dancehall Queen

Coz this is the soundtrack to my dancing days!! It was the ultimate North London Massive club track at the time. I was a dancehall Queen back in the day. (I still am though my boys cringe when the booty comes out to play) I defy you to listen to this and not start boggling!!! 


Track 2 Hands Up Baby Hands Up

My mum used to whack this up loud on the radio in our Holloway Road days. I was only a toddler when this came out but my mum said I used to love this and would throw my hands up giggle and dance! 


Track 3 For Once In My Life/ Stevie Wonder

It's mine and my husbands wedding song. We danced out to it after we tied the knot 15 years ago. It said everything we needed saying to one another....everything.


Track 4 Harry Nilsson - Everybodys Talkin At Me

I have always loved this song. I first came across it in the film Midnight cowboy with Dustin Hoffman. I cannot listen to it and not cry. It reminds me of how far I have come in my battle with depression. The lyrics feel like warm sunshine on a cold day.


Track 5 Shackles: Mary Mary

I love this gospel praise track so much. I am a Christian and this is my ultimate "I am gonna make it through with my God" track! It lifts my spirit like nothing

Track 6 Breath - Sean Paul

This song is sexy as. I didn't pop my cherry till after I got married. This song was around at the time leading up to our wedding. All my excitement and love for my man to be was wrapped up right there in that track. Hawt dang.


Track 7 Don't Worry Be Happy/Bobby McFerrin.

Because there is nothing that is not overcomeable/workeroutable. I have been at so many 11th hour points in my life and always seen a breakthrough come. This should be the soundtrack to my life!


Track 8 Informer Snow

Coz this song is nuts. Its whack! Its so naff and it's fun. Even the video!!! I mean cmon who you kidding Snow you are not a baddass rapper!! You have more of a pets at home assistant vibe going on. But hey I forgive you coz you make me dance!  l can't help but licky boom boom down whenever I hear it!


Track 9 Fairground Attraction -Its Got to Perfect

This song growing up gave a chubby, Greek, moustacheod, mullet haired 12 year old hope that one day I would find my one true love. I had a dance for it and EVERYTHING. This song soothed my frustrated teenage angst and told me one day things would be "puuuuuuuurfect".


Track 10  Wham Bad Boys 

Coz 1,  I have a life long love affair with George Michael and 2, it makes me think of my own 3 little cheeky Bad Boys. I sing it to them whilst they try to play fortnite. I cant tell you how much they appreciate this musical gesture!

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September 28, 2018

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