Nicola Lewis AKA 'This Girl Can Organise' really can organise. We've seen her transform overflowing wardrobes, stuffed full kitchen cupboards and all sorts disorganised spaces around the home. Her website has tips on de-cluttering, cleaning, organising and generally keeping a clear organised life which in turn creates a clear mind. We caught up with Nicola to find out a bit more about how it all begun.


 Tell us about ‘This Girl Can organise'? - how did you start?

TGCO started in March 2017. I was made redundant from my corporate job in the city and decided that now was the time to do what I love and work for myself.

Do you have any kids?

Yes, We have two daughters, one is 14 the other is 9 years old...

How do you fit your work around your kids?

I’ve been used to juggling work life balance for years, planning and support helps a lot. I ensure 70% of my work is done during school hours and try to finish off the rest once they are in husband is also freelance so when he’s not travelling the world he’s around to help out too!

Where do you find inspiration?

In January 2017, I was off on gardening leave after being made redundant. I was adamant that I didn’t want to be swallowed up by the January blues so through myself into finding what I wanted to do/be? During this month we had the women’s March in London, my two daughters were fascinated by the coverage and how important it is to fight for human rights, our healthcare system and to remember how important it really is to be a woman.

This Girl Can campaign has been a huge inspiration to me, I loved the fact that it motivated women to get out there and exercise. Overcome judgement, get out of your comfort zone just do your best!

Both topics resonated with me and I had a lightbulb moment! TGCO was born!

What did you do before TGCO?

I worked in investment banking and private aviation. Both industry’s were full on and I enjoyed the mayhem, stress and fun that came with the jobs. However I was never really happy in banking, at times I thought I was just winging it and playing a character that wasn’t true to me.

Any other independent brands you’d like to spread the word about?

I’m passionate about reducing the amount of plastic we use and upcyling. There’s one small business out there who I totally admire and they are call &keep. There website is super friendly and easy to use and their prices are relevant to the quality of their products. Check them out !

What kind of music do you listen to?

I absolutely love all types music and it does uplift me and makes me so happy. I absolutely love my soul music as grew up mainly listening to Motown. Angie stone, Alicia keys, Jill Scott are generally always on but also love a bit of dance & deep house music especially in the sunshine. I love to listen to folk / rock depending on how I’m feeling. But have radio 6 on daily, as it’s a real collective of music and also love the discussions/interviews. I am also a huge Prince fan and still can’t believe he’s gone, thank goodness we have his music to enjoy for ever more.


Have your kids inherited your music taste?

I think they have inherited both my husband and my music tastes...Music is always on in our house. My husband listens to a lot of music as it’s relevant to he’s work so one minute we have film scores on, then The Who and maybe a bit of David Bowie...we like see music as an education, so it’s important they know who’s who...

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

I love both!!! I’m a lover of life so embrace good times inside or out!

What’s next for TGCO?

Lots.....I have written my reverse goals and there’s a lot to look forward too. However, E17 wasn’t built in a day (that’s where I’m from), so this year I’m planning on increasing my YouTube videos, writing more on the blog, networking and meeting more lovely clients and keep werk werk werkin.....


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July 11, 2018

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