Kids should always be allowed to unleash their creative side, and Square Pegs is making it more fun than ever. Hosting workshops and kid's parties all over the country from their signature rainbow trailer they've got everything your kids need to run wild with their imagination - from pop up die-dye stalls to collaging and fancy dress, it's all the fun without the cleaning up afterwards! 

We caught up with co-founder Emma for a chat about all things creative, musical and independent.

Tell us about Square Pegs - how did you come about starting up?

We came up with Square Pegs as a way of offering unique creative experiences for children and their parents in settings that would inspire both parties. I’d had my youngest daughter and went through a little rebirth of my own. An entrepreneurial spirit and new found courage to start something for myself came over me, which I suppose is an extension of motherhood itself. That’s when I approached Jen, and we formed Square Pegs. We came up with the name as a way of celebrating what makes us all individual, encouraging children to embrace their uniqueness through various art forms.


Do you have kids?

I have two children, Edie and Sylvie, who are a constant inspiration. I’ve always thought of myself as a feminist but having two girls has driven home the importance of girls particularly, carving out their own identities. The idea of self-love, self-expression, tolerance and equality which are characteristics I try to nurture in my children, is at the heart of Square Pegs. I’m in the process of refining a kids’ book that I’m collaborating on with the illustrator, Ben Javens. It’s a book about sisterhood and what happens when a new child comes on the scene to disrupt the equilibrium, informed by real life!

How do you fit your work around them?

I couldn’t pursue Square Pegs without my mum and my parents-in-law. There are so many unpaid carers out there, propping up families so both parents can work so big shout out to them. We try to balance most things in the home from domestic chores to reading with the kids and there are times when I’m riddled with guilt because my head’s elsewhere, but isn’t that all mums? At least the kids get to test drive the activities!

What did you do before Square Pegs?

I still teach part time which is what I did before Square Pegs. Square Pegs has been a way for Jen and I to learn new skills, stretch ourselves in new ways and we’re loving that part of the process.

Do your kids follow in your creative footsteps?

My kids are creative. Edie has a great imagination and loves to try new things. I love seeing the way she works through the process of creating and ends up with something far better than I originally thought. Sylvie’s little personality is just emerging. She’s full of fun and curiosity and gets stuck in.

Any independent brands you'd like to spread the word about?

I have to give a shout out to Laxmi Hussain who has the most amazing signature style which she has produced onto kids’ tees. I love her ethos. The girls have the phrase ‘never fall in line’ on oversized long sleeved tees. I also love the brand, ‘Tiny Cottons’ and everyone’s favourite, ‘Bobo Choses’. Annualstore are amazing for kids’ clothes and forward-thinking toys.

What kind of music do you listen to? Have your kids inherited your music taste?

We are mad fans of hip-hop in our house but have to be mindful of the explicits.The girls love A Tribe Called Quest’s, ‘We Got it From Here’ and think the Donald Trump track is highly amusing. Edie loves a bit of Quantic too. She asks for Track 7 regularly in the car, bless her.

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

I love going to gigs and club nights, although I always feel beyond guilty the day after. My partner programmes music so gets the best guest lists. Recent favourite has definitely been Loyal Carner; his music is nostalgic of old school Hip-Hop but is still so current and confessional too. I love artists who speak honestly and have a political slant. His mum’s dedication on the album, ‘Scribble of a Boy’ has me in tears every time. A legend.

What's next for Square Pegs?

Next for Square Pegs? We’d love our own premise but baby steps… All in due course!

You can find more information about Square Pegs at the following links:


March 23, 2017

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