With an ethos of #bekind and #begood and a minimalistic monochrome design, GiGi Loves Blake is an exciting new brand doing great things for charity as well as stylish mamas everywhere. Launched in 2016, their products range from T-shirts to tote bags to baby bibs and focus on the hashtag trend we all know and love - perfect for modern mums, whilst also raising money for important post-natal depression charities.

We caught up with founder and mum-of-two Joey for a quick chat about what the business is all about...

Tell us a bit about GiGi Loves Blake, how did you start out?

Well, it's named after my kids - A girl, GiGi who is 4 and a boy, Blake, who is 1. I started it about 6 months after Blake was born. I suffered with Post Natal Depression with both GiGi and Blake and really wanted to do something creative, positive and fun! Focusing on the brand really helped me come through my PND, and that's why as part of GiGi Loves Blake I donate 10% of profits to PND charities, and through my Instagram account I love to post lots of encouraging and inspirational things just to remind other Mamas out there that they are not alone when they're having a bad day - girls have to support one another!

How do you manage to fit your work around your kids?

It's tricky! I actually run two businesses, I am a Chartered Town Planner and run a private consultancy for that, as well as the GiGi Loves Blake online shop. I have to stick to 'office hours' for my planning work so that's more Monday-Friday based, but GiGi Loves Blake seems to be all hours - it's a labour of love!! We do have a nanny who comes 3-4 days a week, but I am comitted to doing the school runs and bedtimes, it's great working for myself as I can make sure I'm always around for that.

What did you do before you started GiGi Loves Blake?

I was (and still am!) a town planning consultant, and I've also worked in commercial interior design.

What kind of music do you listen to?

A bit of a bizarre mixture! In the car we listen to Kiss (which I know is totally inappropriate for kids, but it makes me feel younger than I am!) At home I really love Reggae, Motown and chill out tunes.

Party out or party at home - Discuss!

Party OUT! No hesitation! I am always in the house or the office so any excuse to get out I am there...plus no cleaning up!

Any other independent brands you'd like to spread the word about?

So many! Some of my favourites are; Wonder and Rah, Esa Evans Jewellery, The Cotton Barn, Neon Boots and Saint Wools. I'm also excited that Lobella Loves is starting up an online market place to include Mama merch!

What can we expect from GiGi Loves Blakes in 2017?

We are going to streamline our product range and also include some great accessories, as I'm really interested in leather work. The focus will be on supporting more charities and the Instagram Mum/Family communities. We have a couple of fun charity projects lined up already, so I'm really excited for this year!

You can follow Joey and all things GiGi Loves Blake at the following links:

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February 10, 2017

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