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Disko Kids - Mixtape - No. 1 Clemmie Hooper - mother_of_daughters

Posted by Helen Dukes on

Welcome to the new Disko Kids Mixtape feature on the blog. As you probably know we kind of love music here at Disko Kids and we also love sharing music. So what better way than to hear everyone's favourite tracks that back in the day would have been put on a Mixtape. The lovely Clemmie Hooper A.K.A. Mother_of_Daughters who has been known to have a bit of a sing (and dance) round the kitchen singing into a mop - kicks things off with her 10 favourite tracks and why she would have them on her mixtape.  You can listen to all the tracks she has chosen back to back on the Clemmie Hooper playlist on the Disko Kids YouTube channel. Please subscribe...

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